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We’re pleased that you’ve come to our site, and we hope you will find the information here to be helpful. The NCSCH is dedicated to elevating the practice of clinical hypnosis offered by highly qualified, ethical, licensed healthcare professionals. If you are seeking help from clinical hypnosis or want information about it, we hope you will continue your exploration on this site, as accurate knowledge and appropriate application of hypnosis can be an effective tool in many situations. In addition, you can locate members of our society by region across the state. If you are a qualified licensed healthcare professional and want to learn more about clinical hypnosis and enjoy the collegiality of trained practitioners, we welcome you to join our organization and/or attend our annual conference.

Message From Our President

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, we hope you’ll find the resources you’re looking for in regard to clinical hypnosis – whether locating a practitioner or joining us as a professional.

In our region, the NCSCH continues to be the premier professional society for advancing the practice of clinical hypnosis. Along with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, we remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of training and to ensuring that licensed healthcare professionals have access to that training. Whether you have come to this site to find help through hypnosis or you’re a professional seeking training and/or membership, we welcome your interest in hypnosis and in NCSCH.

We are excited that clinical hypnosis is gaining renewed and well-deserved attention as an Evidence Based Practice for a many different disorders.

From scholarly reviews of randomized clinical trials showing outcome superiority of hypnosis over treatment as usual, to alleviating chronic pain, to media reports on brain imaging studies Is Hypnosis All in Your Head? Brain Scans Suggest Otherwise clinical hypnosis is making its way back into the mainstream as a respected and effective clinical tool.   And NCSCH is here to help you stay at the cutting edge!

If you were able to make our 48th Annual Meeting last month over Veteran’s Day weekend, you know how very fortunate we were to have Dr. Eric Spiegel, President Elect of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), with us. He shared his deep understanding of using hypnosis with persons with attachment disorders and did so in a way that allowed both beginners and seasoned clinicians alike to benefit. It was such an illuminating experience! AND since he is President Elect of ASCH, we also got several sneak peaks into the upcoming ASCH 60th Annual Meeting to be held in Orlando, March 15 – 18, 2018. That meeting, centered on the treatment relationship, will include national luminaries not only from hypnosis, but also from related fields of psychotherapy and medicine, including Christine Courtois, PhD, who will discuss empirically supported treatment guidelines; Maggie Phillips, PhD, on countertransference and Polyvagal Theory in trauma and pain; Daniel Handel, MD, on the impact of relationships in Palliative Care; and Jeremy Safran, PhD, on the intersection of hypnosis and relational psychoanalysis. For more information, please visit this website:

We bade farewell to our former treasurer, Terry Robertson, LCSW who, with the incredible support of her husband Dave Robertson, DDS, has been our treasurer for the past two years. Terry and Dave were responsible for moving our QuickBooks accounting platform from a laptop to the Cloud – thus enabling the smooth transition to a successor. The membership then elected Patti Lyerly, LCSW, as our new Treasurer. Patti, a long time NCSCH member and hypnosis practitioner who lives and works in Salisbury, has experience with QuickBooks and is eager to step into her new role! The board is also delighted to announce that Rev. Stacy Steck has accepted the new position of Student Board Member. Stacy is a student in Pfeiffer University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program and will represent NCSCH to his institution as well as other student organizations.

NCSCH is here to help you stay at the cutting edge! To that end, we want you to join us in 2018 on November 9 and 10, when Michael Yapko, PhD will present at our 49th annual conference. We have moved the conference location from Rigmor House to the Friday Center at UNC Chapel Hill to accommodate what is expected to be a significant increase in enrollment. Details will be forwarded when available. SAVE THE DATE: 11/9 – 10, 2018!


Frank E. Gantz, PsyD, ABPP
NCSCH President